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Book Description

Publication Date: September 27, 1999 is a 6X9, 246 page SC book, a primer, which utilizes the common symbolism of human nature to reach those who doubt man's ability to grasp the mechanics of existence. A cryptic spirit guides the reader into the secret archives of the symbolic mind. A pristine place where all existence begins and transpires from a single particle of energy derived from a single source that is endowed with features and characteristics so precise it assembles into entire universes. The author's novel approach depicts the human struggle to survive, coincident with group assemblies of base particle's struggle to survive. For all are one and the same throughout the entire Cosmic structure. All are on a journey toward and from one source. Visitor from another place is one Antiok Onitar.

A Customer review of Oink to Ointment (Paperback): A refreshing journey into the world of Antiok. Oink to Ointment is 246 pages filled with challenging thoughts, ideas and ideals. The author definitely does not work within the limits of this world. A great read and perfect addition to anyones library


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