ink to Ointment: A synopsis of spirit, a biography of being, a between the lines of life...a primer on Creation...a reference written in the manner of a novel that lay in the shadow of literary brilliance -- has one purpose. Simply, to inspire a young mind to its fullest bloom.

The words appear from both the greater intellect and a fools mind. The latter from yours truly, provided a conduit and held the pencil for the former. When one works the words they sparkle and glow with life. Whenever someone of conventional thought is allowed to glance at a rough draft, seldom does a poignant comment come from them about the writing, but for a hmm and a goat-eyed stare. The matter simply drops from all conversation as though it never existed. A mind shrinks back and blends in with accepted convention of "The Club". Those ivied citadels of knowledge who careen our course with their unit symbols of broken logic and crass opinions cloaked in the finest of mathematical logic.

The theme of this site described by the book attempts to save the seeker from such humiliation and further waste of time. Inspiration is saved when one shares with an in-kind. If you want more info: Press here

A patent pending (since 1995) is based on principles explained in the original draft. As a result there are voids, gaps and an author's regret by items removed.

Picture at left -- Worker's prepare for Antiok's signature. The facility was built in an abandoned nuclear reactor core.

By the King of earth Antiok Onitar holds dominion over this galaxy to sail its milky way.


11 September 2001