ink to Ointment?

What's the book about?

The intent of the book is to explain basic energy behavior, its geometrical structure and form that assemble into elements onto DNA, chromosomes, etc., ... and its limitations. Tells how and why stars form …their emissions …black holes, what is considered a black hole other than a complex mathematical parameter concocted to balance an expanding universe concept. Yet, if the universe were collapsing into itself, those at its center core would likewise perceive it as expanding . There are two and only two directions of travel in this universe when accelerating toward the constant energy state, i.e., toward and from opposing poles, a north and south bound two way street as an earthling might say. Energy at the constant energy state align fixed between those opposing poles. The book also explains what gravity is and how it comes about…. …ties it all together…. and as the press release reveals, how human nature (presented in Opus I), along with all of nature, follow energies basic functions (Opus II).

The principles left out of the book are critical to a patent application…and was done to limit any tentative picayune legal matter bound to by the USPTO that may jeopardize not only my congenial bearing, but more, my right to lawful protection.

Carpe Diem


June 16, 2006

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