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Antiok Onitar
an excerpt from Opus II
Oink to Ointment
by Nitorig (k)

...my effort...to honor a personal debt...

To expect a reader to brave through expressions that appear cross-grained to present understanding is not only presumptuous, but more, it places a personal onus on the writer's attempt to promote an iota of proof to what and why we Are a so-called life. Eventually, the order of presentation should grasp a sense of correctness from where the spirit of the reader's being resides. This spirit responds in a style most natural to an individual's belief, which through and by designs' existence promulgate -- comes forth into the world with a fresh premise simple and uncanny in depth. With this premise comes the ability to focus rationally on ones own creation and beyond.

Wherever you attempt to stop this author, he stops. To withdraw and shell an understanding requires little effort. I owe one explanation to honor a personal debt, which the plying coin of coercion from this world cannot extract another or more of me. You judge and will to oblivion as seen fit. So I.

A haphazard literary style used by this author attempts to meter out enough essential material for the reader to grasp a meaning and feeling of energy, its many realms and transpositions crossed on route to become a self cognizant man. Also, the tad of material expressed herein should provide a meaty focus for whose occupations pursue the practical. Whose daily struggles attempt to solve the myriad problems at hand; where the obvious hides behind a mountain of meaningless details -- dead-ends cause by deliberate along with unconscious attempts to obstruct progress (The true journey). Whether these obstructions invoke to preserve the usurper powers of 'The Club' and its idea's or petty established ego's in defense of selfish worth, matters not. The prevention of mans premature ripening is accomplished -- and allows the "Y" of all to reach 'That' particular one among us.

The ordinary one of life is able to: Plant a seed; create by available standards; utilize 'The Process'; perfect and group differing factions for more efficient use of 'The Process' Adversely, one also enjoys provoked circumstances, which compels destruction of those ordinary abilities -- so the binding spin is made complete. Yet the final door of abilities to be unlocked requires a certain knowledge, a certain plain for the intellect to dwell and exist in. To be taken by the hand to this end is beyond the scope of Akademia's heuristic nature. Though narcotic faith tends to satisfy the need of pure hearts and minds, it too fails to sing life's true verse. Thus ignorance continues to stymie the ways of our Cosmic Egg. Left is an exclusive Job for the deft spirit.

Due process of life is an accomplished ripening function and until one perceives a beginning, can the results and the part played by man be grasped. The truth of man walks alongside him separated by the thinnest non-resisting barrier, where occasions of daily life have him passing through to brush with briefly to guild the senses correctly'

Due process of a Base-Particle once set in motion advances a function unalterable. A Bp of Energy has a character and nature so precise an iota otherwise does not exist. Any assembly of Bps', likewise, losing as a assembly the Bp function, ceases as that assembly and reductions occur until the Bp function resumes, if not regained the original identity exits from the senses of mans present understanding.

What to pursue is a foremost critical choice for this writer. What focus to direct a limited resource, soon becomes the criteria? Such that a point reached makes any direction impossible to take -- a pathetic end I become. So whatever concocted expression one prepares to this end of correct choice, surely becomes victimized to the limit by 'the clubs' establishment of staid-fasts'. Who, armed with their array of improper measuring rods and expert opinions would simply toss the embryonic expressions into their stew of muddled ideology and lost focus -- condemn and abort, even though; ways of life, people, organizations, beliefs, nations, worlds, etc., all succumb to the tenets of those expressions - live and die by them. With or without mans measure and opinions, the elusive-particle remains free -- a spice unknown


Carpe Diem

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