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2nd e-mail to Senator John Kerry (cont.)

fails to remain viable to my needs, and the matters of this meager citizen is lost to my Governmentís tamper of Corporate matters ó where do I turn? Does the Government owe this citizen its fullest support to secure an alternative arrangement with the foreigners, and allow my status as a free U.S. citizen, to act with the fullest right of a citizen? Or are my citizen rights bestowed on the Corporate State to enable them to Ďactí as citizens throughout the world, now lost to me? If not lost, then at what time did my government place itself above this citizen to ignore my matters of interest? What magic did my Government come by to rule over the rights of a citizen using the measuring rod of dollars. Does a billion count




of its item value vs a less than one count effect what degree of citizen I am able to effect?

I donít fear the foreigner who harbors and grow seeds that obey the basic function of life as much as I fear the friend or allies who do not.

Meanwhile, Iíll eye the magic played-out by my Government as it continues to nourish and entertain a party of pompous eggheads. Maybe age has effected my vision ó it all appears so transparent. Blackbirds are seen soaring over the Capitol Building.


Your trusting constituent and meager servant of little hope,

Frank R. Bonczyk


Worcester, MA 01604



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