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King of Earth Revealed
The Generic meaning and story told by the A B Cs never taught in schools never learned by a Freeman Education.
Yet, the Highest Court in the Land overrule due process of Life totally ignorant A to Z of the letters contrived into words of Law_ the non viable point invented by a Government body move to abort its own Life!
Witness a Nation torn limb from limb _ non viable presumptions by the Government serve to slaughter tens of millions of human beings.
The bitter loss of unborn share their Way with a Nation rotting its own core.
Life judged by Ignorant fools whom know not the essence of their own life.
Excuse themselves with Life being a mystery of GO D_rather than Life is in essence GOD.
What you do to the least of my brethren you do unto me.
The Instant of Creation is all inclusive not an iota behind.
process of the Way
true, pure, perfect step beyond
fiery end

Flow chart of rules the ABCs follow true to create words (found only in Oink to Ointment paperback edition)
Authors Comment: The Book is my study of Human Nature in generic bits and pieces written without structured form desighned to entertain the reader.
Stream of Thought placed on paper to work my way out of the Psychotic Hole called "Life!"

Known Shame of Biblical Proportions Appear Today




It's not Global Warming
It's not Guns

It's 100 Thousand Tons plus per annum flooding our streets, leaking into Government Bodies, pouring into the veins of our Nations leaders, bankers, politicians, people of the Financial World all stoned. But more it fills into every nook and cranny on the face of Earth to reach into and destroy Our most precious commodity. The gift of Life process creating human structures. Mothers giving Birth to Children present the purest form of truth the world will ever know. Birth from never ending beginning of life struggles to maintain its pure truth upon the ways pray enter the greater of the greatest never ending begriming! Human Being is a process of and by The Human Soul encompassed about Force emitting Structure of never ending being and continues on course thereafter upon the way whose nourishment, environment, and all needs are provided totally by the mother . Absolute completion occurs at every stage thereafter until entry into the environment of the out side world. Here mother continues to provide nourishment needs provided by Mother Earth. The pure mind of the newborn absorbs with incredible comprehension the new environment learns how to survive the new ways, grasps whatever it may sense and or observe and retains them to fit a completeness at each stage of growth thereafter. So on and so forth continues to adjust pureness of structure even if taken off course by ignorant common sense . The pure truth of newborn adapts true to survive any environment. A Mother true to a her motherly instinct is above any man made Law. The environment of Man killed her baby and will be changed. The mothers life lost to this world is effective suicide by suggestive mind set. One act to change a non viable Law. A Mother moves to deny her offspring its due entry into an environment repugnant to the process of human Life.

This World's Future is not fit to Live Free!

For each Trillion Dollars of Debt ($1,000,000,000,000.00) @ $10.00 per Hr Minimum wage = 100,000,000,000 Hrs of Labor future Children have to provide just to pay off, not counting interest. Before they can buy an Ice Cream Cone.
SO 100,000,000,000 Hrs x $20 Trillion = 2000,000,000,000 Hrs of Labor not counting interest.
What you are witnessing is modern Day Slave Trading. To whom do you owe this Money? To Counterfeiters who set up this scheme to Control the World_


Global Warming a Blanket for Our Galactic Winter!

Weigh and Measure Wise men Calculate Galactic Year Seasons effect upon our Worldly Year?
Provide Human existence proof to the Audience of the Universe >>> fait accompli
Fabricated Energy Emulates the Infinite Function of Cosmos 0...(Y)...°·

Be advised, Hide!
parasite devouring Earth you Appear
SAY by sense or witness organized self destruction of humans are in hand
remains of past Life burned their souls if you will _O il!
Enemies created to keep the home fires burning give suspect your employ serves in the devils work shop_ Hell on Earth
Keep on _ you'll soon have full employment _ the economy will brighten. Sky in blinding flash die into a cool cloud of dust.
Oil creeps into warm salt water Oceans
past life upon the ways of never ending beginning

Audience of the Universe Saw, Give Thumbs Up with Great Ovation Shouting
"To Hell and Back"
cast of characters remaining
"EVE" and uh! The Guy shouts out "It's me,what's his name?...Uh ...Usurper? Surpent? Could be? ..No ...I forgot!..My names in the Book! We burnt The Book! We'll start at the Beginning OK!" Nitorig (k) says "OK"

Every Town has its Town Clown
Fool of Fools I am
Cuz, Worcester, MA
Is a City



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