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ink to Ointment by Nitorig (k)

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Oink to Ointment and the contents of the Patent Application, "Fabricated Energy" mirror and compliment every facet of each other. I would like to say in a humble voice, "Let the 'code of life' be hacked by the genius of mass human intelligence, rather than butchered upon the block of self serving innocence (ignorance), myself included."

If you're interested or just curious, download a FREE copy of Nitorig® eBook, Oink to Ointment, by Nitorig (k) give it a look. You must have (Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME and Internet Explorer 4 or later to use the e-Book.



When you open the downloaded eBook you'll find that to access Opus II, (the second half of the eBook) requires the purchase of a password, $5.77 US. Using either, PayPal or ClickBank. I would love to charge $0.00, but I could not afford this price. So, please consider whatever is charged as sharing the cost to ensure the project's continuation.


The eBook is not a champion of any cause. Be it; Political; Religious; Charitable; Self-serving, etc. Itís goal is to recognize "Our Journey as Human Beings and to preserve the ways of that journey." Once recognized, champion your own cause fully aware, (Be It As You Desire).

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October 18, 2012

Join the Battle if you Love Life

OINK TO OINTMENT available in soft cover publication

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