delivered to

Supreme Court Justices of the United States

December 22, 2006





KNOW that this notice addresses the concerns and effect of an 11th hour event; 9/11/01, that caused/forced the US Supreme Court to shut down. This action by the Court was abject to Law, an act of self preservation born out of fear, nothing more. As a consequence the Court effected to recuse itself from the final hour concern of the, “common Soul of ME*,” hereafter referred to equally as, “Human Soul,” or “fetus,”


Whereas , this Court's emotional response to human vulnerability gave way to the influence of outside events and confirmed by such action that the paramount concern of the obligatory Court was neither one of Law, nor of the at issue fetus. More, this Court fails to concur that its response to a threat of physical harm is born of, and experienced from the very onset by humans, at every stage of Life, none greater than at the moment of conception. While an enemy carried out its meager attack to pierce the Soul of, and begin the abortion process of this Nation, the Court's heartfelt responsibility to the Nation supports an all out attack to pierce the Soul of, and continue the abortion process of its foremost in await citizens on a scale beyond the pale of Court Rights.


Whereas, in essence, the fetus bound by an extraneous Court contrived limbo continues to suffer relentless mayhem and torturous brutality. The Court's overreach attempts to lawfully stop the clock of existence. As the timeless 11th hour rages on for fetus, a methodic conspiracy grows and spreads as cancer over the Nation to further insult the human sprout's struggle to survive. Instead of receiving help and protection at this most critical time, so-called law again (as though it has the authority to do so) plays the old ‘Simon says' ploy/game of propriety, “May I?” and “Yes you May!” where routine ritualistic acknowledgment, requests and endorsement ingratiates Court omnipotence. The ritual that may well serve mundane procedures does not endow the Court with carte blanche power to rule on behalf of those whom beg favor to usurp the inalienable truths of human life. Yet, this Court moves to contrive arbitrary conditions to endorse and define rules to satiate a multitude of hideous requests, in effect the Court usurps and exhorts life's truths to its own measures, i.e., That at a certain stage in life's process, the product of each and every Human Soul turns into some sort of ‘abominable creature,' free to be torn apart and butchered in mass by human hands for whimsical and other sordid multitude of reasons. All sanctioned for and by the U.S. Constitution. Tweaked with ambiguity to allow and not limit legislative power over human life as though it were Tax law.


Whereas, the inequity is clear-cut, whereby a mere threat brought on fear so great the lawful resolve and responsibility of this Court gave way to its human instinct for the sake of self preservation. A luxury the Human Soul/fetus does not enjoy. Repugnant law denies instinct equivalent to all those whom the, U.S. Constitution has earmarked for eradication. Justice does not preside in a Court that reeks of such dualism. The at risk US Supreme Court attempts to bury its fear; restore its decorum, return once again to climb and sit high upon its wall of obscure Law. There to reiterate its resolve and proclaim that their innocence about human Life, i.e., When does Life begin? etc., is prima fascia reason enough to preclude the Courts destruction of the innocent Soul of ME, as Right and Just. To have the U.S. Supreme Court claim ignorance of Life flies in the face of, “ WE hold these Truths to be self-evident...” and leads one to doubt this Court's ability to rule on Constitutional matters. For Life is the Constitution, its roots along with the mind of its progenitors stem from nowhere else, but the common Soul of ME.


Therefore , from within that inalienable sovereign region, the abandoned common Soul of ME vested with inherent knowledge did act to claim dominion over the Milky Way Galaxy (PO Realm) in its entirety. The claim encompasses the smallest iota of the Galaxy's basic matter, function, form, structure on through to its position of influence within and throughout the bounds of its greatest structure. This claim includes every iota of influence expressed within and beyond the boundary as understood and set by today's “base of knowledge” here after called, Academia.


Academia's effort to understand these matters must burden their energy models with free parameters to force thought-to-be results until made-up reason reaches collaborative acceptance, which, rather than expand knowledge, encapsulates the collective mind within a staid fraternal intellectual boundary. (As an eggshell, the chick must be mature enough to crack the shell before it is able to break through and come to know of another realm.) As a result, Academia fails to comprehend or even aware that their self imposed limits or boundary exist.


Example: To redefine a workable time worn expression, e.g., E=IR² (ohms law) into E=MC² does not add to, or express new knowledge. The reapplied expression simply portends a potential spherical boundary of time light proportions that further binds Academia to the tenets of its dubious energy model concept. It's obvious such replacement of terms in trite instances within Academia's sphere of influence (bubble in space) will of course reach predictable conclusions. Thus, the encapsulated mind proves to proffer its own encapsulation as complete truth for the time being. Though escape velocity of light and its ramification outside Academia's staid sphere of influence, not unlike the Courts, remains not only obscure, but gravity of matter reflects total innocence toward the true nature of Life's ways. From its most miniscule element on to its grandest development, Academia ignores the influence of the PO Realm where O! Great Inventor of life nurtures Life and directs its ways.


Therefore , with established precedent, iron rods drove/driven into Earth (The Ark) now marks the claim in/on behalf of, O! Great Inventor who imbued energy with a basic function that can not, but become life.


Therefore , any attempt made to turn the Soul of ME about in order to parse this claim, i.e. make EM of ME, or one whom deliberately, willfully misconstrues to eschew the virtuous ways of ENergy's basic function, find that they have become a self imposed EN EM ME by default and succumb to inherent justice that is also a basic function of energy.

Not withstanding, the Soul of ME holds explicit and exclusive right to this claim.


Resolved : O! Soul of ME claims Dominion over the Milky Way (PO Realm) in the name of O!

Be it so as O! So desire,


Nitorig (K)


Note: * ME, mass energy connotation identifier used exclusively by each being to reference its own core structure of existence, i.e., Soul. All life structures at every stage of development have an inherent identifier reference to one common Soul. Eternal time/light Constant exists in the mass energy expression, though not shown for obvious reasons beyond present scope.  


Should the effort of words on behalf of the common Soul of ME ring hollow, then I, along with this Court failed Life, such that the insidious gap placed in the U.S. Constitution creates a likewise gap in the Nation. Lost souls (illegals)whom flock to fill the gap in their desperate struggle to survive, effectively sustain the food source of the Nation, yet, suffer fate accompli of former lost souls. Others whom fill the gap carry substances to poison the Nation. With $'s spread along the way counterfeit resistance from legal enforcement escort the poison to market.   The gap mutates and spreads to other Nations; Words fall apart; ion separates from all its words; O expelled, followed by all until the last letter stands alone in truth, too tell its story.


The wisdom, audacity or innocence of the U.S. Supreme Court took a strange twisted route to transgress inalienable truth and inadvertently removed the constant from Academia's equation, E = MC ².   To amend (mutate) a better fit to so-called modern Life, the Court gave us its formulae, E=$. Thus this Court removed the Light of Life from the Human Soul to make it a lawful commodity for today's alchemist to grind up in an attempt to concoct its remains into a promised array of miraculous cures for the good of the people at the expense of a Nation poisoned.   Ask yourself, what type of creature does this sort of thing? Such behavior leads toward parasitic definitions. Have humans evolved to expose themselves as the ultimate parasite that plagues this world and cripples it so?   Like wise does the virus consider itself a clever creature that destroys giant structures in order to feed and sustain its own primitive life form?   In all, it's our nature. Hopefully the Captain of the Ark won't notice the damage caused in the HOLD until it's too late (time lawfully removed from life allows time to destroy Life.)


The universal weapon to rid of the parasite – simply allow its ways to map upon itself and it will unwittingly turn upon and most efficiently eradicate itself. With this in mind, I come by way of invention to find a Court that gives way to indulge the parasitic mind.    


Other than natural course

Face in kind natural force

To change the course or not

K now to turn Earth into, “The Ark.” Our journey careens toward conclusion balanced between hot & cold just so, one way or other foretold. Tribute naturally paid off course.



A lost day expires with this


I offer capacity simply to aware _ not to Judge


Thank you,


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